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18 X 12 Inch ( 1.5 X 1 Feet ) HDPE Grow Bag - Round

Grow Bags provide a wonderfully easy method of growing plants, especially vegetables and Flower pots . Fill up your grow bags with any medium you normally use in pots. Ensure that the sides of the grow bags stay upright as your are adding the soil. It is best to fill to about 1-1/2inch to 2inch from the top. Moisten the medium before planting. After planting the plant, add an all-natural fertilizer to the surface of the pot and scratch it in. Keep the plant moist until the plant had become established. Be sure that the water is reaching the bottom of the grow bags so that the media is uniformly moist.
SKU: GB_1812
₹ 105.00

Product Descrption:

  • BREATHABLE: Nonwoven fabric means your plant roots stay aerated and are air-pruned, which keeps their roots from circling and makes them more efficient when absorbing nutrients and overall healthier root structures
  • GREAT DRAINAGE: These bags naturally drain any excess water. Never deal with over-watering your plants or moldy soil because excess water will flow through the weaving, which means your soil will be moist but not we
  • MULTIPLE USES: Perfect for outdoors, patios, or indoor growing operations. Can be used with traditional soil or soil mixes. If your plant is going to outgrow the bag, you can simply place the entire bag into a new pot and the plant roots will grow through the bottom. These bags are good for multiple uses and can be used over multiple years
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