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Plant Nutrients

Vermicompost (1Kg)

₹ 30.00

Organic & Natural Plant Nutrient for Home Gardens and Potting mix

Organic Manure (1Kg)

₹ 30.00

High Organic Matter, High Water Retention

Cow Dung Compost - Organic Fertilizer, Soil Conditioner For All Plants - 1kg

₹ 40.00

Completely decomposed cow dung for your plants. 100% Natural and Organic fertilizer.

Steamed Bone Meal- Natural Organic Fertilizer for Plants - 1Kg

₹ 86.00

Bone Meal Powder 100% Organic Natural Plant Fertilizer

Azospirillum - Nitrogen Fixation Organic Bio Fertilizer (1 Kg)

₹ 101.00

Azospirillum is an associative nitrogen fixing proteobacteria that fixes atmospheric nitrogen in loose association with plant roots, for all plant species. Azospirillum converts atmospheric nitrogen through the process of biological nitrogen fixation into ammonium which can be easily absorbed by the plant roots and provides 30-50% of plant nitrogen requirements. In addition to this, Azospirillum produces plant growth promoting substances like vitamins and phytohormones which influence plant growth especially root development to a large extent.

Phosphobacteria - Phosphorous Fixing Bio Fertilizer (1Kg)

₹ 101.00

Phosphobacteria are a type of bio fertilizer. Phosphorous is a major nutrient for plants, inducing vigorous growth and also contributing to plant disease resistance.

Humi Granules - Soil Conditioner (1Kg)

₹ 165.00

It accelerates plant metabolic processes and helps to enhance the uptake of nutrients. Humi Granules are granulated organic natural product which is derived from seaweed. It has natural amino acid, hydrolyzed protein complex, bio enzymes and essential nutrients. It improves plants tolerance to stress, adverse seasonal condition and pests diseases. Amino (10%) + Humic (50%) + Organic matter

Ozyme Crop- Bio Stimulant- Best for Indoor & Outdoor Plant All One Food with Nutrients (100ml)

₹ 240.00 ₹ 180.00

100 % Organic And Premium Grade Concentrate, A Safe Organic Fertilizer & Booster Liquid. Improves Soil Structure, Increases Crop Yield & Quality, Increases Plant Immunity, Induces Flowering, Fruiting, Water Retention, Immunity, Overall Growth, Root Development, Shoot Development, Increases Number Of Fruits And Flowers, Prevents Fruit And Flower Dropping, Enhance Pollination & Fruit Formation etc.

Nitro Gain - 100% Natural Amino Acid with Plant Growth Promoter (250ml)

₹ 230.00 ₹ 200.00

It stimulates over all plant growth induces flowering, prevents, shedding of buds, flowers and fruits, enlarge fruit size, improves crop quality and increase yield. It improves absorption of fertilizer which leads to fight against viral and fungal diseases. It provides hardiness to cell wall, enabling plant to resist unfavorable changes in climate. It provides aromatic amino acids viz alanine, tyrosine, phenylalanine, tryptophan, valine and leucine which helps in flowering.

P- Shakti - Plant Immunity Booster (250ml)

₹ 275.00 ₹ 250.00

Potassium silicate is approved by the USDA as a fertilizer for conventional agriculture, and is used on variety of crops including rice, wheat, barley, sugar cane, melons, grapes, cucurbits, sugar cane, and ornamentals. Potassium silicate is also used to control certain fungal diseases on high value plants such as fruits, vegetables, flowers & ornamentals.

Organic Manure- High Organic Matter, High Water Retention - 25kg Bag

₹ 450.00

Fully Decomposed Plants, Kitchen & Garden Waste & Full of Nutrients for your plants

Vermicompost - Organic & Natural Plant Nutrient for Home Gardens and Potting mix - 25Kg

₹ 625.00

Best Quality Organic compost fertilizer for your plants.