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Coir Hanging Basket (12")

They are used to hang plants indoors or outdoor for decorative purposes. This product is in demand due to its salient features such as durability, high capability to retain water and strength. We offer Coco Hanging Baskets in various designs, shapes and sizes to meet our client's variegated requirements.
₹ 285.00

Hanging Baskets are a great way to bring more flowers and trailing foliage to your garden and hanging a beautifully planted flower & plant baskets at the front and all over our houses which enhances it's view tremendously.


  • Coir hanging pots can serve gardening needs in a better way compared to plastic or earthen pots. Light weight & easy to handle. - bio-degradeable.
  • Coir hanging baskets are made up of coir pots and metal baskets with chain.
  • Coir pots absorbs the water and keeps the plant more fresh.Retains moisture for longer period of time
  • Baskets are eco-friendly and lasts for longer period of time.Reduces the need for watering by as much as 50 percent.
  • The package includes 1 set(metal basket,liner(coir pot) and metal chain). The top diameter of the basket is 12 inch (31 cm).