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Ozyme Crop- Bio Stimulant- Best for Indoor & Outdoor Plant All One Food with Nutrients (100ml)

100 % Organic And Premium Grade Concentrate, A Safe Organic Fertilizer & Booster Liquid. Improves Soil Structure, Increases Crop Yield & Quality, Increases Plant Immunity, Induces Flowering, Fruiting, Water Retention, Immunity, Overall Growth, Root Development, Shoot Development, Increases Number Of Fruits And Flowers, Prevents Fruit And Flower Dropping, Enhance Pollination & Fruit Formation etc.
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  • Contents : Highly Concentrated (Undiluted) Combination Of Amino Acid,Fulvic Acid,Humic Acid, Seaweed Gel & Alpha Alpha. 100Ml Of This Concentrate Is Equivalent To 1 Tonnes Of Organic Manure.
  • Uses: Improves Soil Structure,Increases Crop Yield & Quality,Increases Plant Immunity,Induces Flowering, Fruiting, Water Retention, Imunity, Overall Growth, Root Development, Shoot Development,Increases Number Of Fruits And Flowers,Prevents Fruit And Flower Dropping,Enhance Pollination & Fruit Formation Etc
  • Can Be Used For : All Crops Vegetable, Flower Gardens, Orchards, Turf Grass, Fruits (Horticulture), Hydrophonics, Green House Crops ,Indoor Plants, Outdoor Plants Etc. It Is 100% Organic And Safe / No Chemicals Added.
  • Direction For Use : Foilar Spraying : Mix 3-5 Ml Of Ozyme Crop With 1 Liter Of Water Thoroughly And Spray All Over The Plant . Soil Drenching : Mix 5 Ml Of Ozyme Crop With 1 Liter Of Water Thoroughly And Drench Around The Plant Accordingly.