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Vermicompost - Organic & Natural Plant Nutrient for Home Gardens and Potting mix - 25Kg

Best Quality Organic compost fertilizer for your plants.
₹ 625.00

It is an organic manure, it is a compost fertilizer made from cow/buffaloes dung and help of earthworms. It is 4 to 5 times more powerful fetilizer than cow dung. Vermicompost is fully decayed, insect free, litter free, weed free compost.

Benefits of Using Vermicompost:

Improves soil's physical structure.

High levels of bio-available nutrients for plants.

It is free of toxic chemicls & pathogens.

Rich in humic acids(promotes root growth & nutrient uptake).

It protects plants against various pests and diseases.

Helps to fix atmospheric nitrogen.

Vermicompost is easy to store and easy to use.

This organic compost is the best fertilizer for kitchen garden, terrace garden, and pot/container plants.

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